Apply for a grant

Machynlleth Corona Solidarity Fund are offering grants of up to £100 to people in the Machynlleth area who are experiencing financial hardship in these difficult times.

We are not here to judge why you need the funds: whether it’s for food, bills, rent, a taxi, we invite you to apply for whatever amount it is you need.

Outside the Machynlleth area? Find local support here.

How does the fund work?

This is an emergency fund for individuals, rather than organisations. So that we can help as many people as possible, we have an upper limit of £100 for every application, and we are able to give applicants one grant per month.

How can I apply for the funds?

Simply apply for any amount, whether it’s £55 to fill the cupboards, £100 to help towards your rent, or £5 for a taxi to the doctors’.

To apply online, please use the form below. Or if easier, phone us on 07936 814972.

How and when do I get the funds?

Depending on where you are in the queue and how many donations we have, we’d hope to release the funds to you within two days. Please let us know if the request is urgent: otherwise, payments will be made chronologically in order of application received.

Can I apply on behalf of somebody else?

Yes – please use part two of the form below.

Other kinds of financial support

Machynlleth Corona Community Support have information about financial support and support for renters.

Application form

We don’t want any information that you don’t want to give us. Please feel welcome to apply for this fund if you need it.

Please note, this is a local fund for folks in the Machynlleth area affected by Coronavirus. If you live elsewhere, here are some links to find local support groups:

What happens next?

After we receive your application, a volunteer will phone you for a friendly chat. Your application will then be discussed confidentially by our core team, and we will then get back to you with our decision as soon as possible. 

Please note we are a small team of local volunteers and this may take a few days. Please let us know if your need is very urgent.

With thanks to London BiPandas for the inspiration for this fund and much of this detail.