This pandemic has highlighted how much we need our friends, neighbours and communities. We rely on each other. We need local businesses for our jobs and food, to look after our kids and serve us a pint on a Friday night. Local businesses rely on us to support them. In tough times, the links in this chain can break. Keeping those links strong and connected is good for us all.

Many of us are finding these times tough. Some of us are finding it harder than others. But our community is big-hearted and caring.

The Solidarity Fund is offering small grants to individuals in the Machynlleth area facing financial difficulty. Can you chip in to support people in your community who need it?

Make a donation today

A one-time donation of any amount will make a difference, whilst a regular donation allows us to help more people on an ongoing basis.

If you would prefer to donate via bank transfer, please email and we will send you the details.

Important information for donors:

Our grant application is simple and quick, and does not require a huge amount of ‘screening’ – applicants must fill in a form (or have one of us fill it in for/with them), followed by phone call to talk it over. We then take this application back to our small volunteer team and make a decision.

Our core aim is to get emergency funds to those who need it, and we have balanced this against concerns that this fund may be open to abuse. We purposefully operate from a position of trust, and with intent to counterratct suspicious culture which demonises working class and financially marginalised people.

If you know someone who needs financial support, please get in touch or pass on these details. Read more about the fund here.